Top International School in Douala, Cameroon

The American School of Bonaberi is the only international school in Douala offering Boarding services for boys and girls. Our dormitory is designed to cater to a small number of students and the reduced population gives room for quality services in terms of accommodation, security, academic supervision, and nutrition, an aspect that has always been a bone of contention for many parents. Our boarding facility offers:

  • Dormitory style bunk beds

  • 3 balanced meals per day

  • 3 hrs of supervised study sessions each day

  • Free tutoring services

Boarding provides several advantages. First, it allows the students to concentrate on their studies as they are away from the usual distractions of the city. Second, it relieves often busy parents of most of the stress of home academic supervision. Third, it teaches to students long-lasting social skills as they learn to live and share with their peers. Last but not least, studies show that boarders often improve their academic performance as well as their self-confidence and self-discipline.

The Dormitory of the American School of Douala is a home away from home. Children and staff live as a close-knit family guided by the school philosophy and values. African cultural pride is encouraged while leadership and self-discipline are taught. Boarders learn how to make their own beds, keep their environment clean and orderly, get up early, go to bed on time, follow a tight schedule designed to groom future leaders who are competent in all aspects of their social and academic lives.

Most boarders are dropped off on Sundays at 5 pm and fetched on Fridays at 5 pm. The fact that students can go home during weekends eliminates the aspect of ‘home sickness’ which has always been a major problem with boarding. for most students. Full-time boarders leave the Dorm only one weekend per month.

After providing quality education of international standard to parents around Douala for the past 23 years, the Dormitory facility will allow the American School of Bonaberi to extend its unique educational services to children all over Cameroon as well as in the Central Africa region.