Educational leadership could be defined as the influence on the commitment of any educational actor in a decision-making situation in an organization with the objective of developing or stimulating knowledge. Developing the potential of the learner also requires the exercise of real educational leadership in an academic environment.
The AMERICAN SCHOOL OF BONABERI, through its supervision program which meets international standards, has set itself the vocation of making its learners’ real citizens of the world by giving them on the one hand knowledge and on the other hand skills; leadership skills. 

Being among the top 10 schools in Cameroon, we contribute to the development of young people by:

  • Allowing them to distinguish between accountability and autonomy.
  • Promoting learning activities allowing them to discover and exploit their passions.
  • Explicitly teaching leadership courses and giving them necessary tools.

We believe that being yourself is the best path to success, which is why we have put in place the ideal and adequate framework to allow our learners to become the best version of the same. Because yes: child of today, leader of tomorrow.