Technology In Education

Using Technology In Education is a Pedagogical Imperative at the American School in Bonaberi, Cameroon

New information and communication technologies now occupy a central place in the development of every individual. Called black gold, technology transformed education by turning the tide; the place where students learn whether in the classroom or outside.
At the American School of Bonaberi, we have always believed that it is important to appropriately promote the integration and modern educational technologies such as virtual classes or E-Learning, even more in this context of health crisis. The main benefits are:

  • Allow teachers to effectively personalize learning with access to data, content, and the Cloud
  • Provide teachers with real-time feedback through assessments and formative digital data
  • Help teachers create hybrid learning environments in line with students’ daily lives.

Basically, this will prepare students for the 21st century world of work with technological knowledge and skills. On the path to personalization of learning, technology empowers students by allowing them to become more involved in the world around them. It offers an education adapted to their digital life and prepares their future. With technology and access to resources outside the classroom, students find inspiration to become problem solvers, critical thinkers; collaborators and creators.
At the American School of Bonaberi, we believe that the right technology and devices and devices prepare students with the technical knowledge needed to succeed.